so about two months ago, i bought this nintendo 3ds. i was all excited to have it at first but after the first week, i’ve barely played it at all it’s just been literally sitting in my room for a month and a half untouched. so basically, it’s brand new and only has maybe 10 hours total of game play into it. i was going to return it to the store, but i’d already set it up and turned it on, so they wouldn’t take it back. i’m not really interested in getting ripped off and selling it for less than it’s worth at an electronics store, so i decided to do a second give away here on tumblr for you guys.


  • you have to be following me, i’ll be checking and i’ll probably check out your blogs and follow most of you back. this is a free and brand new 200 dollar product, so i don’t think it’s asking for much. please don’t unfollow me after the giveaway is over, it’s hurtful.
  • reblogs only to enter, and you can reblog it as many times as you want. just please don’t spam me.
  • if you don’t live in the united states, no biggy. i’ll ship to you anyway.
  • you have to trust me with your address for this. if you have any concerns, you can always message me. i’m friendly, i promise.
  • if you want more proof that this product is legit, again, message me. if you’re off of anonymous, i have no problems taking a picture of myself holding the ds and sending it to you.
  • the winner will be completely by random, i’ll be using a generator.
  • i’ll announce the winner around july 4th. it’ll be a nice little holiday surprise for someone. (if you celebrate it, lol)
  • i’ll give the winner forty-eight hours to respond, before picking a new winner.

i’ve included the receipt just so everyone can see the date it was sold, and that i’m not lying about how new it actually is. i’ve only blurbed out everything else for my own security and safety. good luck to everyone, and don’t forget to follow!